Frequently Asked Questions

Ecardify is both

  • a free online service -
  • a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform for businesses -
It is a service offered to individuals who want to attach a digital message to an online or offline gift, postcard or any other object.
After recording a video/audio/text message, Ecardify gives you a short link and a QR Code.
You have the option of protecting the message with a question/answer, making it totally confidential between you and the recipient.
Yes, totally free and unlimited.
After recording your video/audio/text message, you are asked to type a question that only the recipient knows the answer of.
Ecardify uses the answer to encrypt the message and then destroys it.
No. uses the answer to encrypt your message and then destroys it.
You can always record another message and get another link and QR Code.
If you have already used the link in a gift order online, most web stores allow you to modify the message.
Record your video/audio/text message for the recipient here. stores the message encrypted and gives you a link that looks like:
as well as its QR Code.
When you place your order anywhere online, simply copy paste as message to recipient. The recipient will still get the paper card accompanying the gift, but the card will only contain this link written on it.
When sending a postcard, or buying a gift offline, simply print the QR Code and stick it on.
The recipient will either scan the QR Code or use the link to access your message. If the message is protected, the recipient must first answer the question.
None. None of you, none of the recipient.